Another Volunteer opportunity

Here I am again, up at 4:30 in the morning drinking coffee. Why, you ask, would I be up at 4:30 on a Sunday morning drinking coffee? Well, it is March of Dimes walk day, of course. Over the years I have done many events for charities. This year I have had to cut back to my two favorites. With many, many worthy charities and events, I had to ask myself which ones really meant something to me. My choices were the two organizations I feel benefit kids the most. March of Dimes and MDA are my two choices. Which ones will you support? Everyone should find a way to give back. I was so fortunate to have a healthy kid. I give back to help other parents be able to watch their kids grow up healthy. Find your spot, and volunteer. So, pack up the cameras, drink my coffee, and off to photograph 5000 walkers helping to raise money for healthy kids. Have a wonderful day!

By sealsphoto

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